Terry Sutton


Started playing in 1956 as a bass player around the Eastern Townships (Frelighsburg, P.Q.) for a year until I saw a player named George Essery from Montreal who had a home made pedal steel and was playing with Tommy Hunter at the Brome Fairgrounds. I had heard a pedal steel on the “Dusty Owens” show on WWVA but had no idea how they worked. I was hooked. George made me a little “tee” with two set-screws that went down between the first two strings of a six string steel and hooked a chain around my foot. After sticking three wobbly legs in holes there was my first pedal guitar. I used this little “string stretcher” on various regulat steels for a few years until I bought a Fender “400” the later on graduated to Sho-Bud.

In 1957 I started playing with a Valleyfield-Cornwall, ON band called “Smiling Jack and the Sons of The Plains”. We had a weekly radio show on CKSF Cornwall. I then left the band and went to play at CJON-TV St.Johns, Nfld. for a year, then came back to Cornwall when Channel 8 went on the air. Played there for two years and covered Eastern Ontario,Western Quebec and Northern New York state. Then when the CTV network took over the Cornwall station I went back to Newfoundand for a couple years. The last two years of my career in Canada was in the Montreal scene with Dougie Trineer, Wayne King, and various other artists.

In 1965 I moved to the U.S.A. and the rest is history, having lived most of my dreams that I had as a young musician. My career in the U.S.A. has been very rewarding after playing with various artists from Crystal Gayle to Charlie Daniels to the Wilburn Brothers etc.etc. and also had the chance to play in Holland,Ireland,and the U.K. Now I just play around New York, Boston and other New England areas with a wonderful four piece modern country band and having a great time.

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