Steve Smith


Started playing in Germany at the age of 15 in my Dad’s band, playing American & Canadian Forces Bases during the four years we were living over there.

Came back to Canada in 1963 & played locally around Ontario, then moved to Florida and did another tour of Europe with “The Calhoun Twins”. Played the Grand Ole Opry in 1967, & did recording sessions with this group in Nashville, on Pete Drake’s ‘STOP RECORDS’ label.

Returned to Canada in 1972 and toured with Honey West & Wayne Rostad.

Played the Ronnie Prophet Show on CTV for 6 years; the Tim Daniels Show & The Ray Griff Show, both on the Global TV network. did a multitude of recording sessions for Marathon Music. Started playing & recording with Mike Francis, who was producing such Canadian artists as Anita Perras, Joan Kennedy, & many others.

Also recorded with Kasandra Vassack, Don Neilson, Ron Hines, Rick Emmett from Triumph, Carleton Showband, Carroll Baker, Tommy Hunter, to name a few.

Worked 8 years with Carroll Baker, which I truly enjoyed….now presently doing TV and Radio commercials and recording sessions, as well as working with Tommy Hunter, for the past ten years.

For equipment, I am currently playing a Carter D-10. Steve Smith Picture & Testimonial*

I also own a Sho-Bud Super Pro & a Fulawka D-10. Amps include 2 Peavey Nashville 400’s & an Evans Fet 500.

Favourite players include Buddy Emmons, Tommy White, Paul Franklin & John Hughey.