Pickin’ Up The Dust

“I always knew Al was a great talent. This recording substantiates my thought even further! As I listen to the tunes on the recording I am amazed with the finesse and dexterity that can only come from a long time player. Al’s talent is unlimited AND the five tunes he wrote for the recording are all excellent. As you listen to the tune “Could I Have This Dance” you will experience the feeling that Al is most capable of expressing. The “Waltz Medley” also shows emotion. His fast picking and blocking is right up there with the best players! You must add this recording to your collection as “ONE OF THE BEST!”


“Congratulations on your new release – everyone involved did a first class job! Love track # two, ‘The Heartache’, as those are the sounds that I have always been touched by. The swing tunes are great also…”

Chris Whiteley & Caitlen Handford, Toronto, ON (recording artists)

“As far as your album is concerned, I think it is fantastic and needless to say it will get all sorts of ‘Swingin’ West’ airplay and will be enjoyed by myself and all my listeners wherever the show is carried…”

Mike Gross
(Host of “Swingin’ West” heard on WSHU-FM, 91.1 in Fairfield, Conn & KANZ-FM, Garden City, KS)

…”I received your cassette tape, Pickin’ Up The Dust, and the only word I can think of to describe your tape is FANTASTIC!…”

Louis Melanson (Steel Guitar record collector)

…”My lifetime love affair with the steel guitar goes on & on… having sold my Fender 1000 in a fit of starvation back in ’67, it was renewed in 1970 when Al Brisco put the hit sound on ‘COUNTRYFIED’. I’ve been an Al Brisco fan ever since. This new CD is GREAT! The pickers and the tunes make me proud to be on the same planet.”…

DICK DAMRON, Bentley, AB (Writer, Singer, Musician, Entertainer)

“One wonders why Al waited so long to do an album. Maybe it was to make sure he would get it right. He definitely got it “right” on this album. We all know that it’s possible for a critic to find fault with all artist’s work, even the great artists. To do so here would be meaningless, if not petty. This album is as tasty as it gets, with five of the cuts being Al’s own compositions. His touch and tone are flawless, while his sound is clean beyond belief. Combine those with the sensitivity of the technique demonstrated in his bar, picks, and hands, and you have near perfection. Much credit is given to a player’s instrumentation. In fact, often too much credit. I believe Al would sound good if he still had that platform double-neck he had built back in 1964. Enough said. Don’t deprive yourself of some great listening enjoyment because the player’s name is not familiar to you. It is a loss you don’t need!”…

Tom Bradshaw, Pedal Steel Guitar Products, (Publisher), Concord, CA

“Many Thanks for PICKIN’ UP THE DUST. Somebody had to. You know how it gathers when you don’t do anything about it. But you did and it sounds GREAT! In fact, I’m sending a copy to my old steel man, Argyle Bell. Well I just wanted to say Thank You and ‘YE DONE GOOD’!”…

Ronnie & Glory-Anne Prophet, Entertainers, Nashville, TN

“I have had the pleasure of working with Al over the past 20 years and have enjoyed every minute. When he told me that he was going to record his own solo album and that I was to engineer it, I was ecstatic. Between Al’s beautiful playing, Albert MacDonald’s production skills and the enormous talents of the session players, I think this is a MUST HAVE album. Besides, it sounds good too. Best of Luck, Al…”

Fred Petersen, Kinck Sound, Toronto, ON (Owner/Engineer)

“Al’s original tunes & other favourites on his Pickin’ Up The Dust recording are a superb choice of material. His aggressive playing style combined with his knowledge of the Country Music ‘feel’, demonstrate his artistic sound that I’ve enjoyed throughout the years of playing Country Music together!”…

JOHNNY BURKE & EASTWIND, Toronto, ON (Country Singer/Entertainer)

“One listen to this new release and I know you will have to agree with me that this is Steel Guitar music played by one of the best in the business. Al has the uncanny ability of using a Steel Guitar in the same way a vocalist delivers a song – with emotion, believability, honesty – And in Tune. Give it a listen, I promise you won’t be disappointed”…

CARROLL BAKER, Guelph, ON (Singer/Entertainer)

“After working with Al on numerous recording projects, I had already been well acquainted with his continuing pursuance of the best instruments, sounds, styles and effects. With the privilege of producing Al’s first album comes a new understanding that is easily overlooked in a studio environment. The choice of both the cover tunes and his original compositions reveal that Al plays first for his audience. You will truly enjoy his music. It’s been a great experience, Al”…

ALBERT MacDONALD, Toronto, ON (Producer)

“Pickin’ Up The Dust”
Al Brisco
Appledale Music CD AM-800

Al Brisco has gained a reputation as one of Canada’s finest steel players. He has played on numerous recordings in the past and finally has produced this fine example of his abilities on steel. This CD contains ten selections, five of which are original Brisco compositions. The quality of the playing on this recording is very good. Al has a clean style which helps demonstrate his technical expertise on the instrument. The original songs include Appledale Ride, Frisbee, Blue Steel, Slightly Sea 6th, and the title song Pickin’ Up The Dust. Al is a prolific composer.

Each of these selections is suited not only for the steel guitar but to any melodic instrument. The other selections include: The Heartache, All Of Me, Waltz Medley (Shannon Waltz, Purple Violet Waltz, Lake Dore Waltz), White River Stomp, and Could I Have this Dance. The last selection (Could I Have This Dance), made popular by Anne Murray, is dedicated in memory of the late Ron Dann, a great Canadian steeler. Al uses a Goodrich Match-Bro to obtain the Dobro effect on certain cuts.

I’ve admired his use of this technique ever since I first heard him use it at one of Scotty’s conventions a few years ago. He has excellent taste in this regard. The back-up musicians include Joe Howe and Albert MacDonald on guitars, Don Reed on fiddle, John Dustan on piano, Eugene Falbo on bass, and John Meydam on drums. All fine musicians to be sure. Albert MacDonald also produced the album. This album should please anyone who likes good, clean pedal steel playing featuring original material as well as standards. The CD or Cassette may be obtained from Appledale Music, P.O. Box 669, Streetsville, ON L5M 2C2. They also have instructional material for the songs heard on the album. Good deal!…

Bob Maickel, Pedal Steel Guitar Association, Floral Park, NY