Paul Evans


My interest in steel guitar started in my teens and my inspiration came from Buddy Emmons and Tom Brumley who played with Buck Owens at the time.

My first steel was a lap top Gibson and we built a table for it to play it sitting down. My second steel was a home made steel designed like the national with the pedals on the side, and I converted it to the pedals being on the front. The cables were made out of guitar strings. I couldn’t press too hard or I would break a string. I played with Jim Seymore in Collingwood and Jim Best who still performs throughout the southern states.

My next steel was an original Sho-Bud steel built for Bob Lucier by Shot Jackson and Buddy Emmons. In these years I played with a group called the country showmen which included Bill Johnson, Bunt Lewis, Earl Tryon and me.

In 1968 I recorded my first steel guitar instrumental album titled “Big Steel Guitar” on the Paragon label, owned by Jack Boswell & engineered by Bill Bessey.

I also hosted a country jamboree with Bob Hathaway in Uxbridge, Ont. in the early 70’s with our guest being Diana Leigh from the Carl Smith TV Show (which was taped in Canada in the 60’s), as well as Con Archer, and Carroll Baker.

I started playing club gigs & dances full time with Con Archer in 1972 for about 4 years, after which I came off the road and played with a gospel group called Damascus Road.

In 1977 I started my own recording studio & record label Ambassador Records, Oshawa, Ont., and continue to record & produce.

Editor’s Note: Check with Paul for a good deal on recording, tape duplicating, etc., remembering that he has a vast background in Country, Gospel, & Steel Guitar Music.

In the works is another Steel album, but this time it will be gospel.

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