Johnny Burke – Johnny Burke Country

Johnny Burke - Johnny Burke Country

This 18 song CD is a compilation of Johnny's most popular tunes taken from his Wild Honey & Gold In His Mind LP's, plus his hit single Judge My Soul Again.

Johnny is one of Canada's Premier Country Singers, born in Rogersville, NB, he moved to Toronto in the early 60's where he played in the house band at the Horseshoe Tavern for many years. He was a regular with Carl Smith’s Country Music Hall on CTV in the mid-60's. In the late 60's and early 70's Johnny (& steeler Bob Lucier) helped form the Caribou Show Band which then became Eastwind. When Bob left the band in '76, Al Brisco took over the steeler's chair. In 1978, Johnny Burke & Eastwind had the #1 single 'Wild Honey'. During the late 70's Eastwind became the house band on CTV's 'Funny Farm' show hosted by Blake Emmons. Eastwind was considered Canada's Top Country Band during the 1970's, winning Top Country Group in 1975, '78, & '79.

Al Brisco left the band in 1981 to work at Cosmo Music in Richmond Hill, Ont. During the 80’s Eastwind’s steel chair was filled by Steve Smith, Don McKown & Burke Carroll.

Johnny & his wife Theresa live in Halibuton, Ont., where they operate their own woodwork & kitchen business, & plays miscellaneous music engagements.

  1. Wild Honey*
  2. A Picture Of You
  3. Troubles On My Mind
  4. Love Don’t Grow On Trees*
  5. Bad Times And Good Old Days
  6. Scotia Sunshine*
  7. Tender Hearts
  8. A Hundred Pounds Of Clay*
  9. Loose And Lonely
  10. Your Love (Is Like Sugar To Me)*
  11. Baby, You’re All Mine Tonight
  12. Loving You Again*
  13. Gold In His Mind
  14. The Love I Want To Waste*
  15. Hollywood Heroes
  16. Judge My Soul Again*
  17. Everybody’s Going Crazy
  18. Still Feels Good

*Denotes Al Brisco on steel guitar

All other tunes are Lloyd Green

Price: $20.00

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