Lace Alumitone ToneBar 10 Humbucking pickup in Chrome

Alumitone with Plate

Lace Alumitone ToneBar 10 String humbucking pickup in Chrome with Custom Wide Mount Plate

Lace ToneBars for steel guitar is the cleanest, truest, most hi-fidelity pickup you can buy for your 10 string pedal steel guitar. Providing extended bandwidth to faithfully reproduce your instruments natural tone, it also has the guts to hold up under gain and attack!

Another Tonebar advantage is that they're ultra-light, taking weight off your instrument.

Tonebars are very transparent. It is excellent for any playing situation from live to direct-to-board recording.

They LOVE effects and truly extend the tonal color of your instrument. You'll remember why you started playing pedal steel!

Tone Bar 10 Specifications:

• Resistance: 5.0K
• Peak Frequency: 3800
• Inductance: 2.7 henries

Price: $120.00

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