Fessenden 8 Shot

Fessenden 8 Shot in Black

An 8 String Pedal Steel with 3 Foot Pedals.
These are the basic ABC pedals as used on the standard E9th tuning that change your I to IV (open E to A) chord.
The 8 Shot incorporates the two 'chromatic' strings of the Standard E9th Nashville tuning on strings 1 (F#) & 2 D#.
A great way for players who wish to get the feel of the pedal steel guitar.
Comes with SGC Wrench Kit & Instructions.

It is tuned in E Major with chromatic strings on 1&2
1. F#
2. D#
3. G# -raised to A with Pedal 2
4. E -raised to F# with Pedal 3
5. B -raised to C# with Pedal 1 & Pedal 3
6. G# -raised to A with Pedal 2
7. E
8. B -raised to C# with Pedal 1

Wrench Kit & Optional Leg Pouch included.

Price: $950.00

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