Peavey Ultraverb Multi-Effects Unit

Peavey Ultraverb Multi-Effects Unit

The Ultraverb has 99 Presets plus 6 Library Algorithms

a) Non-programmable presets:
01 – 29, Reverb
30 – 39, Gated Reverb
40 – 49, Reverse Reverb

b) Programmable presets:
50 – 59, Chorus (rate and depth)
60 – 69. Flange (rate and depth)
70 – 79, Delay (left and right)
80 – 89, Echo w/feedback (left and right)
90 – 99, Factory examples of Library Algorithms

From within each of the six Library Algorithms, you can custom design your own sound and settings for Reverb, Chorus, Flange, and Delay.

You can move any Preset number or Library number to the Preset number of your choice: in other words, you can choose your favourite sounds and place them in any order or any preset number.
i.e. – For Steel Guitar purposes, I suggest transferring your favourite sounds to preset numbers 30 – 49, as you’ll probably never use Gated or Reverse Reverb.

Of the six Library Algorithms you will find L100 the most useful with Steel Guitar. I suggest designing five or six variations of L100 for your purpose of obtaining Reverb, Chorus, and Delay at the same time.

I’ve created a spread sheet using Preset #’s 40 to 45 with different variations of the L100 Library Algorithm.

Price: $99.00

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