Peavey Ultraverb II Multi-FX Processor

Peavey Ultraverb II Multi-FX Processor

The Ultraverb II's 600 patches are divided into:

-300 Factory preset patches (F000-F299). These are permanently stored in ROM memory and cannot be overwritten. However, they can be edited and saved to one of the...
-300 User patches (U000-U299). These are stored in battery-backed RAM. User patches can be edited and saved to any of the user memory patch locations.

Many musicians and engineers like the convenience of simply dialing up particular patches as needed and do not want to spend time editing. The 300 Factory patches have been carefully programmed to cover most common musical needs, and for many users, these patches will be all that is needed.

For those with unusual applications or who want to customize existing patches, the quickest approach is to select a Factory patch that's close to what you want, edit it, then save it as a User patch.

Comes with manual & suggested programmed User patches.

Price: $95.00

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