Peavey 2 Button Stereo Foot Switch

Peavey 2 Button Stereo Foot Switch

Stereo 1/4" phone plug, Tip-ring sleeve phone plug allows for two simultaneous functions.
Select/Effects button allows you to switch from Saturation (distortion) to Normal (clean) channel.

This popular Peavey Foot Switch was included with many guitar amps such as the various models of Bandit 65/75/80/112, Special 112/130/150, Studio Pro 112, Envoy 110, Bravo 112, Classic 100 Head, TransTube Envoy, Protege.

It can also be used with a Nashville 112 to turn the Reverb On & Off with the right hand switch, plus turn the Post EQ Effects Loop On & Off.

Price: $30.00

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