MXR Resonator FX Pedal

MXR Resonator

MXR Resonator FX Pedal

This Dunlop MXR Resonator pedal simulates the 'Dobro®' sound & works very well with Lap & Pedal Steel Guitars.

-Produces tonal variations from warm, wooden sounds to bright, metallic sounds.
-Alters the traditional tone of other electric instruments by introducing the resonator guitar's tonal qualities.
-Adds new tonal dimensions when combined with other effects such as distortion.

Designed by Tom Bradshaw, this pedal takes the sound of your electric or acoustic/electric guitar into the world of classic resonators.

Comes with 18V AC Power Adapter & leg clip.

NOTE:In addition to the standard 115V North American plug, SGC now offers the plugs for EURO, UK & AUSTRALIA power, which simply clip into the the AC Power no extra cost.

Please specify your plug choice for the Power Adaptor.

Price: $235.00

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