Len Imbery


I’ve played steel since I was 21 (took out a loan and just bought a new MSA D10 steel and amp so I knew I’d better learn at least a few licks) Influences: Buddy Cage, Buddy Emmons, Paul Franklin, Pete Drake

I was into the country/rock stuff in the seventies (before it was cool) Played with many local bands…Moonshine Molly, Red Hot Burritos, Milo Ford & The Barnburners, and Eddie Lester & The Lonesome, Handsome Devils.

Played on the Red Hot Burrito’s single “Feelin’ Like a Fool” ……..and on a bunch of other stuff you’ll never hear!

I now play a Sho-bud S-10 3+2 (the Double neck was way too heavy and had way too many strings and pedals and stuff that I didn’t know how to use anyway) I still use an old Session 400 amp with a JBL 15″ speaker.