John Cadeau



I began taking steel guitar lessons at age 12, at the Ontario Conservatory of Music. This is where I met Buddy Cage. Him and I were being taught by Ken Near. Buddy and I went to the same high school. We were considered freaks because when all the other kids were going to rock concerts Buddy and I were going to Ernest Tubb, Ray Price, and Faron Young concerts. We learned how to tune our steels to E9th by getting back stage at an Earnest Tubb show and meeting Buddy Charleton. He was kind enough to write out the tuning for us when we asked how to tune to that Nashville tuning, as we had been taught mostly Hawaiian music in different tunings. By the way we used to get back stage at these concerts with the help of Ollie Strong who played in some of the Canadian warm up bands.

I began playing professionally in the 70’s. In 1978 I was nominated male vocalist of the year by the BCCMA.

Played in a band called Super Country, which was led by a well respected wonderful singer and radio disc jockey, Elmer Tippe. He had several recordings that got a lot of air play across Canada.

Did many live one hour radio shows from the JR Country club which was a night club owned by the main FM country station in Vancouver, CJJR FM. This was with a band I really enjoyed working with called The Honkin’ Pontiacs.

Played steel on several BCCMA awards shows, giving me the opportunity to back acts such as Dick Damron, The Rhythm Pals, who I played with on other occasions, Gary Fjellgaard, and many other well known entertainers.

Played with Bob Regan and Lucille Starr, Bobby G. Rice ( You Lay So Easy On My Mind ), Ferlin Husky.

Played on a CCMA tv show out here in Vancouver.

Played the Merritt Mountain Music Fest several times.

Still doing session work, and playing live shows.

My equipment: Sho-Bud, Emmons Legrande (short keyhead) which I love. Peavey Session 500, and a Nashville 112.